Review of Michelle Tea's memoir, How to Grow Up

My review of Michelle Tea's memoir, How to Grow Up, is now up on Bitch Magazine.

"Many years ago, back when the OK Hotel was a dirty punk rock hole-in-the-wall club under the viaduct in downtown Seattle, I stood among a crowd mesmerized by Michelle Tea reading from her memoir, The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America. Sleeved tattoos peeked out from her colorful dress, Tea’s bright voice lighting the club. We were filled with admiration for the writer who was like us: perhaps a little drunk, a little rough, but intelligently documenting her life. At this Sister Spit spoken-word tour stop more than a decade ago, writers took turns at the mic, punk role models for a crowd that included many young people who hoped to become writers themselves.

"Since then, Michelle Tea has been growing up. She started the nonprofit organization Radar Productions, published numerous books, produced an experimental film, and started online magazine Mutha.  She also got sober and, years later, got pregnant, recording her life all along the way. The name for her brand-new memoir, published by Plume/Penguin Random House in January, is apt: "How to Grow Up."

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