On November 2, 2012, during the Day of the Dead, I walked through a graveyard filled with families celebrating their deceased, and spoke with filmmakers Santiago Marcial Thomas and Rosario Sotelo about a short story of mine they had recently read, Guadalupe Full of Grace. The story is about one woman's search for home, her experience of borders, of being of mixed heritage, and of her memories of a past love while she prepares to become a mother. Rosario encouraged me to make the story into the short film, which was to become In The Blue House. Rosario crossed the border to Guatemala, but a month later filmmaker and actress Knomia Suzanne Barron Rodriguez arrived to my house with her small pack, and we met with Santiago. We decided to make a digital short with the means we had during the limited time Knomia would be visiting Mexico. I wrote the story into a short screenplay. Later, cellist and composer, Serena Tideman, agreed to compose for the project. And then poet, Gnaomi Siemens, came on as Art Advisor.  Recently, another filmmaker, Chris Ocampo, from Mexico City has joined our project as a second editor, piecing together the sound for our short.

Our short, In The Blue House will be released online sometime early this coming year. Please follow our blog and facebook page for updates on our release date.


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Love, Maria