Fragments of Persephone

I was blessed to work on this project as one of the poetry readers. I hope you will spend some time with the poems and artwork -- a dialogue on the feminine that extends beyond the binary.


For too long, Persephone, as a figure, had been made into a binary - Winter or Spring. Freed or stolen. Thriving or miserable. And yet there is much more to Persephone than her abduction, more than two default modes she exists in.

Too often this is the case with religious and mythological feminine and female figures - they are forced into categories, made into goddesses or harlots, Madonnas or whores. Fragments of Persephone challenges that preconception, offers womanhood and femininity in its most raw, in its most vulnerable, in its wealth of strength.

Featuring work by twenty-three incredible poets and artists, Fragments of Persephone is a song, a curse, a prayer, a cry.

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