Bettering American Poetry, Volume 2


I am very grateful to have had my piece selected for Bettering American Poetry, Volume 2. Thank you to the editors, Kaveh Akbar, Sarah Clark, jayy dodd, Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, Amy King, Muriel Leung, Camille Rankine, Héctor Ramírez, and Michael Wassonfor their dedication in editing this anthology. 

This anthology and its squad of editors better American poetry by gathering a diverse formation of poets who inspire us to read across difference, speak against power, and breathe through struggle.
— Craig Santos Perez, author of from unincorporated territory [lukao]
Bettering American Poetry is an explosive revelation of the arriving generation of American poets—arriving from every part of the landscape, bringing energies, gifts, and ways of seeing and saying of every kind. Plunge into its pages. See/hear the news of who we are.
— Jane Hirshfield, author of The Beauty and Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World
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