Winter Tangerine, Issue 3


I am filled with joy as we release Winter Tangerine, Issue 3. Working alongside editors Xandria Phillips and Jake Stone, and Editor-in-Chief, Yasmin Belkhyr, along with our crew of poetry readers has brought so much light into this winter. The poets in this issue sing, sing, sing: Lena Tuffaha, Destiny Hemphill, Joseph Capehart, Imani Davis, Inam Kang, Dave Harris, Mick Powell, henry 7 reneau jr., Alan Chazaro, Ariana Brown, and Jake Skeets. Also, visual art editor, Daniella Clayton, and prose editor, Francesca Ekwuyasi, have brought some gorgeously important pieces. Visual art by Shadi Ghadirian, Gerardo Castro, Simone Quiles, Tamara Stoffers & mas.

WT3 Poster.jpg