Launch of Honeysuckle Press


Thrilled that Winter Tangerine has launched, Honeysuckle Press, a literary press dedicated to expanding and redefining human truths by prioritizing the narratives of unsung communities. Saeed Jones and Bhanu Kapil will be judging our first chapbook contest.  Read an interview with founder, Yasmin Belkhyr, here

New Prose Piece up on The Puritan


I have a piece of short fiction out on The Puritan's summer issue.

Sarah Maria Medina sent “Rosario’s Jewel Box,” a story I still cry over every time I read it. I love its subterranean vocalization, the lyricism of it, and the cruelty, too.
— Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, The Puritan

You can read Kathryn's full introduction here. It was an honor to work with Kathryn. You can also find my piece, Rosario's Jewel Box here. My story is a modern day queering of the Virgin/La Madonna. Included is a short recording of my reading as well. 

Poetry Suite on Public Pool


I have three poems out on Public Pool: "In the raccoon den, all is well," "It's cold on a Friday night," & "You grow wild cattails & the nymph somersaults." 

In the Blue House

Filmmakers Santiago Tomas Marcial, Montserrat Blanco and I have been at work, grabbing and editing the last of the sounds for our digital short film, In the Blue House. 

Translations & Theatre

We've been immersed this week in poetry translations (getting ready for the festival) and my daughter's theatre event. And more sunbeams before the rains come.

 Poet, Adriana Toledano Kolteniuk, translating my poems.

 Poet, Adriana Toledano Kolteniuk, translating my poems.


Baby Girl at her theatre event.

Baby Girl at her theatre event.

Fragments of Persephone

I was blessed to work on this project as one of the poetry readers. I hope you will spend some time with the poems and artwork -- a dialogue on the feminine that extends beyond the binary.


For too long, Persephone, as a figure, had been made into a binary - Winter or Spring. Freed or stolen. Thriving or miserable. And yet there is much more to Persephone than her abduction, more than two default modes she exists in.

Too often this is the case with religious and mythological feminine and female figures - they are forced into categories, made into goddesses or harlots, Madonnas or whores. Fragments of Persephone challenges that preconception, offers womanhood and femininity in its most raw, in its most vulnerable, in its wealth of strength.

Featuring work by twenty-three incredible poets and artists, Fragments of Persephone is a song, a curse, a prayer, a cry.

Read the full feature now!


My review of SOLECISM, Rosebud Ben-Oni’s book of poetry, is now up online in As Us Journal’s Decolonial Love Issue. It will also be available in print soon.

“Rosebud Ben-Oni’s poems came to me on the wings of sparrows, feathers sorting down onto the streets of México, Jerusalem, and New York. In Solecism, her book of poetry published by Virtual Artists Collective, her sparrow wings move between identities, always loyal to the complexities of her ancestry. Born to a Mexican mother and a Jewish father, “the love child of sparrows and curmudgeon trees,” she explores her sense of identity, of place, of both belonging and fragmentation.”

To continue reading my review of Solecism, click here.

Memoir Excerpt on Lit Journal Midnight Breakfast

Many of you know I have been working hard on my memoir, A House by the Sea in Havana. This morning, Midnight Breakfast, a new Lit journal based out of San Francisco, published an excerpt titled "Iced Cake Frosting" from my forthcoming book. This chapter takes place in Havana, when I brought my eight month daughter to meet her family, and things began to come undone. I've been loving the writing in Midnight Breakfast, and am excited to be a part of this journal.

To read Iced Cake Frosting, click here